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Over the past few summers I have tackled the National Road, the Oregon Trail, and I've motorcycled to the Arctic Circle (Yukon) and Alaska. In the summer of 2013 I tackled Illinois Route 1. Starting on the south side of Chicago, Illinois 1 is the longest state highway, meandering south until it ends in Cave In Rock, Illinois, on the banks of the Ohio River. Once again, I operated with the assistance of Verizon Wireless, using an Apple iPhone and Nokia Lumia 928 to make all photographs.

Is this Heaven?

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Getting ready by b.poulter
Dans  players rub fresh baseballs with mud prior to the start of play July 24, 2013 against the Quincy Gems at Danville  Stadium.
(iPhone 5 photo)
Getting ready, a photo by b.poulter on Flickr.

Stepping foot into Danville Stadium is like walking into the haunted house. But, rather than projecting a scary vibe, the stadium is an inviting place.  The park invites young and old with the promise of great baseball,  great seats, warm sunshine, and  a variety of great taste and smells  – peanuts, hot dogs, bratwurst, steak sandwiches.

The park also offers a chance to talk with super fans like 75-year-old Wendy West and her daughter, Cathy Miller, who arrive hours before the games start. Or you can talk baseball with the batboy of the 1946 Danville Dodgers, John Dowling.  Turn to the right, and there is the city mayor. Get there really early, you can talk to the coach, maybe even play catch with a future big-leaguer.

The Danville Dans are a part of the Prospect League.  The players are from college teams, meaning they are here to develop skills and to get noticed by scouts. They are not allowed to be paid, according to NCAA rules. Players stay with local family who sponsor them.  But don’t be fooled, good baseball is played here. Last year, 12 Dans were drafted  into the majors. Who knows who they’ll nab this year?

The stadium has hosted dozens of major leagues players through the decades, including hall of famers such Jackie Robinson, Pee Wee Reese, Satchel Paige.

Danville Stadium is what it is. A great place to witness baseball’s past, present and future.

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