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Over the past few summers I have tackled the National Road, the Oregon Trail, and I've motorcycled to the Arctic Circle (Yukon) and Alaska. In the summer of 2013 I tackled Illinois Route 1. Starting on the south side of Chicago, Illinois 1 is the longest state highway, meandering south until it ends in Cave In Rock, Illinois, on the banks of the Ohio River. Once again, I operated with the assistance of Verizon Wireless, using an Apple iPhone and Nokia Lumia 928 to make all photographs.

Beneath the Exposition

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Beneath the Expostion by b.poulter
Beneath the Expostion, a photo by b.poulter on Flickr.

Rob Edwards polishes the marble tile below the painting “The Palace of Mechanical Arts,” which celebrates the 1893 Colombian Exposition on the second floor of the Edgar County Courthouse in Paris, Ill.
(photo made with a Nokia Lumia 928)

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