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Over the past few summers I have tackled the National Road, the Oregon Trail, and I've motorcycled to the Arctic Circle (Yukon) and Alaska. In the summer of 2013 I tackled Illinois Route 1. Starting on the south side of Chicago, Illinois 1 is the longest state highway, meandering south until it ends in Cave In Rock, Illinois, on the banks of the Ohio River. Once again, I operated with the assistance of Verizon Wireless, using an Apple iPhone and Nokia Lumia 928 to make all photographs.

Heath dairy?

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Heath dary by b.poulter
Heath dary, a photo by b.poulter on Flickr.

The world famous Heath Bar actually started off as a side business of Heath’s Dairy near Robinson, Ill., where the candy bars are still made.
(photo made with an iPhone 5)

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